#4: Drove a Dodge Challenger
#4: Drove a Dodge Challenger

#4: Drove a Dodge Challenger

When I arrived at the Airport, I knew I had to take the train to the Rental Car Station, Budget. I got on the train about 4pm thinking I had plenty of time to figure out where I was going. Well, somehow, I messed up and missed the stop I was supposed to get off on. And then another and ended up way miles away from where my car rental was supposed to be. I was actually terrified, my phone was about to die, and I had one of those, “Hey Girl” dudes behind me. I jumped off the train, caught the next one going the other way. Got off on the stop I originally missed, walked about one mile up a busy (Pretty cool road, looked like Church Street but had more homeless people and Trolleys). I am looking at the map and realizing, I am hitting every place GOOGLE and my boss told me not to go due to safety. There was a police officer sitting on his bike sideways, someone commented how majestic he looked. I had random corner people begging me for change of if they could help me with my bags. Luckily, I am from Boston, and I can handle a stern face. I looked at the clock, it 5:15, my appointment is at 5pm. I should be fine. I was the on the phone with Kriston, my husband, and a went to pull the Rental Car Companys door open, and click… LOCKED. They closed at 5pm, and there was not a human in sight. Kriston heard the panic in my voice, I am alone and, on the streets, and I am scared, it’s about to get dark and I want out of the city. I tried calling the rental company number but just got looped into a bunch of answer service machines. I went back and did a risk analysis, okay seriously, worst case there is a hotel right around the corner, I could stay there but I did have a goal in the morning and my mom knows this, I am an over planner sometimes. (Which comes back to haunt me on this trip). I breathe and I make my way back down the hill, back towards the Airport, I am going to go to the Airport rental company. I get on the train with Kriston on the phone, and man his fear. I could tell he was more afraid than I was. I think that’s what marriage is. Someone to share your feelings with. And it’s about 7pm by the time I get to the counter, because you must take several modes of transportation to get there. First two desks did not have any cars left even though I booked on the train ride. Then I get to Budget, they are the ones that shut the door on me at 5pm. I look at this little guy that could barely see over the countertop, and he says, we will get you squared away. He sat there shocked that I was alone from VT and told him I got lost on the train and visited every place my boss told me not to go. “Yeah, you can’t go there alone…”

“Mam, all I have is Dodge Charger.”

MY eyes lit up; this is my dream car. Are you telling me that all this craziness- it was worth the trouble!!! Hell yes, sign me up.

“Can you handle this car?” – Car Rental Guy

Okay, I didn’t just drive a Dodge Challenger, I drove it for 10 hours, 514 miles. I drove through valleys, and I drove through snow. I drove up mountains that warned me to have tire chains, it was the scariest drive I have ever done.

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