Hello! My name is Teelah Hall. I don’t always brag about myself but when I do, I do it on my about page. I graduated Lyndon State College with a B.A. in Graphic Design, a B.A. Digital Media, and an Associates degree in Visual Arts. I graduated with a five year degree in three and half years; I am very determined. In 2018, I obtained my MBA at Cameron University. My passions involve: web design, learning & trying new things, and investing in myself in anyway possible. I also love to encourage people to do the same. Get up and do something crazy, do something productive, do something fun, do something!

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So what is this website all about?

Well, it is simply like a public diary. Why public? I use my Facebook & Blog to hold be accountable to actually get shit done. If I don’t feel obligated to check something off my list, why not procrastinate?

What is the end goal?

Too look back and know I lived purposefully everyday. I built a life that I did not need a vacation from. I planned for the future while also staying present in the day to day. In 2022, I hope to enter the year with 0$ in credit card debt, I hope to have tried new things, I hope that my credit score is better, I hope I worked hard to set myself up for a promotion while killing it at being a Mom. I hope I can say that every day that I did my best. And I hope someone follows my journey, and is inspired to do the same.