Completed Items so far!

  1. Clean out inbox
  2. Redesign Lincolns Room Theme
  3. Google Digital Marketing Fundamental Certification
  4. Google Analytics Certification
  5. Hang Curtains up in office
  6. Create an Artist space for Luna
  7. Write a Google Review for a small business
  8. Run for Select Board member in Cambridge Vermont
  9. Commit to biweekly therapy
  10. Good Citizen At-Home Challenge
  11. Find the boat playground in Johnson, VT (bring kids to it)
  12. Create a kitchen space for Luna (paint free wooden kitchen set, make a sink).
  13. Attend a town meeting
  14. Hang Wedding Guest book up, need a 16X20 Picture Frame
  15. Save $20,000
  16. Paint Green on top of cabinets
  17. Clean up Attic Space
  18. HTML Badge on LinkedIn
  19. God Mother for Lincoln
  20. Meet with a Mortgage Broker for second home
  21. Practical Life Shelf for Luna
  22. Mom & Toddler Yoga
  23. Introduction to Data Studio
  24. Donate bottles to school drop off
  25. Donate children’s winter clothes
  26. Improve Credit Utilization
  27. Concession stand in closet
  28. The Farm Store, Cambridge – Support Small Business
  29. Go to the small store in Cambridge – Support a Small Business
  30. Update LinkedIn
  31. Red Leaf GF Brewery
  32. Read The Montessori Toddler
  33. Microsoft Excel Badge on LinkedIn
  34. Donated to charity
  35. Update Resume
  36. Try sugar on snow
  37. Google Analytics Badge on LinkedIn
  38. WordPress badge on LinkedIn
  39. Customer Service Specialist LinkedIn