Day 11: Attended a town meeting!

I’m so excited to say this. I want to get involved in my town more, and understand our annul budget and got for what we are spending it on. It truly felt I could make a difference in a small town. I learned a lot and will attended future meetings!

Every day I also set myself up for future goals, the big ones that I can’t get done in a day. So I finished a chapter in my book, “The Absorbent Mind”. I signed up to have someone come look at my house for Solar Panels to be more energy efficient & to lower my electric bill cost. I also talked with a mortgage lender to help me figure out where I need to be to buy a second vacation home in Massachusetts. And I created a practical life shelf with snacks for Luna! Oh and I picked some squares for the super bowl. I’m much more productive this maternity leave! I’m scared I will be too overwhelmed when I go back to work to keep this up. Hope I can still find time.

Lunas Practical Life Shelf

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