Day 79: Created & Sent Town Survey

Day 79: Created a survey for my town residents. I love the responses so far. I’m hoping to gather enough data & 5% voters responses to present to the town administrator

Responses: 59
Telecommunications / Quality of internet access – 78%
Widening the road 2’ from Town garage: 3.4%
VT-108 between Jeff village and Smuggsis in poor shape: 45.8%
Public bathrooms: 13.6%
Repairing the 109 roads: 10.2%
Adding sidewalks / Extending bike trails / Bike safe upgrades: 49.2%
More Transparent communication: 33.9%
Community Event to help take down the dilapidated building next the American Legion: 20.3%
Transportation / Accessibility: 16.9%
Attention to our seniors: 25.4%
Childcare / Attention to ages 0-5: 32.2%
Better Cell Service: 40.7%
Public Meeting Spaces: 15.3%
Intersection of VT-108, Church Street & Mill Street in Jeffersonville: 33.9%
Opportunity to vote in a 1% “Local Tax Option”: 11.9%

I hope to earn your vote and trust on May 11th.

Cambridge Residents, you can take the survey here:

Shout out to the people that keep me going:

“Teelah Hall – You go girl! I’m proud of you!” – Karen Howland

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