Day 8: Started Therapy

Day 8: This one is a tough one to post publicly. I want to be careful to not come off as an infirm person but also want my friends to all know that mental health is paramount especially during times of adversity. Self-Improvement and Self Care looks different to everyone, communication with a therapist & life coach works for me. It’s someone to unleash negativity too, someone to have an outside unbiased look on my life, and someone I can get advice from when I need it. Today, I restarted biweekly therapy with my former psychologist & life coach. I started therapy when my mom was in her car accident. I realized I shouldn’t be complaining to someone that has her jaw wired shut! I should be releasing positive energy to those closest around me – so I did some research and found someone that is 100% covered by my insurance. I paused therapy when Luna was born. I think we can all use a space to release negativity energy.Also, I did this while breastfeeding my newborn & watching my 1 year old on the baby monitor upstairs napping. Multitasking Momma. I would like to mention, it was really nice to talk to an adult.

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