Goals For 2021

Goals For 2021

Rules: Must be Creative, Productive, New, or Kind.

  1. Try B52 Shot
  2. Payback credit cards
  3. Put batteries in all the fire alarms and hang CO tester
  4. Clean office drawers
  5. Purge Everything unneeded in house – Donate & Sell
  6. Buy an Air Purifier
  7. Read the Absorbent Mind
  8. Habits for Happiness on Audible
  9. Finish Meditation Course
  10. Adobe InDesign Badge on LinkedIn
  11. CSS Badge on LinkedIn
  12. AWS Badge on LinkedIn
  13. Play messy Twister
  14. Go snowmobiling
  15. Clean Junk Drawer in Kitchen
  16. Stay at a tree house
  17. Visit Acadia National Park
  18. Lincoln baptized
  19. Sign a petition that means something to me
  20. Stay in a Yurt
  21. Heritage Museums & Gardens
  22. Read: “This is the year I put my financial Life in order”
  23. Meet with a Mortgage Broker for second home
  24. Mom & Toddler Yoga
  25. Montessori Self Care Space for Luna
  26. Dentist Appointment
  27. Eye Appointment & Order New Contacts
  28. Obtain Platinum Typing Certificate
  29. See the Top of Mount Washington
  30. Generator
  31. Create an inside plant garden
  32. Solar Panels
  33. Get COVID vaccination
  34. Go through box of cords
  35. Bathroom Vanity
  36. Free stuff with insurance
  37. Sentimental T-shirt idea for Kriston
  38. Go through Linens Closet
  39. Go through items in storage in attic
  40. Create a Montessori Website Blog
  41. Create a Virtual Assistance Blog
  42. Create Fictionary Website for Kriston