Life is too short explain to you what I do for a living

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I don't always brag about how awesome I am

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My name is Teelah Hall, and I do not sit still. Consider hiring me as your web designer that specializes in Design & Developement. I love to be busy and have a full plate. It could be because I am from Massachusetts and everything was so fast paced growing up. Then I moved to Vermont where everything is stuck in slow motion. Still, moving to Vermont was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am always willing to push the limits, nothing is impossible. My ultimate goal in life is to change the world, still working on it. I have just started an LLC call Better Self Basket, the goal is to provide the tools people need to become their best self professionally and personally. I am the owner that wears all the hats.

What I do

Don't take my work for it...

"As the Senior Designer for Vermont Vows and WellWed Magazines, it is with pleasure that I recommend Teelah Churchill, who worked as a design intern for several months leading up to the press deadlines for the Fall/Winter 2011 issues. Teelah was a delight to have in the office, exhibiting incredible talent as a designer with an inspiring desire to learn and a drive to excel. I was especially impressed with Teelah's organizational skills, ability to work independently, and meticulous attention to detail in regards to the technical aspects of the design. Teelah is an extremely talented designer with a relaxed, easy-going attitude that made her very well-liked among the entire staff - keeping the atmosphere fun and light despite the looming deadlines. Her love for design and thirst for knowledge was refreshing and the accuracy with which she performed tasks enabled the team to complete their individual responsibilities without distraction."

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