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Focused On

Independence, Inspiration, and Improvement.


Independence: My friend Kyle Burkhard nicknamed me Free Tree. The name came from my yearly tradition of collecting all the free things for my birthday: Free Coffee, Free Tan, Free Waffle at IHop, Free Burrito...
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Inspire: I hope my children, my friends, my family, strangers watch me work hard, so you too become your own productive individuals in society with their own goals – I hope no one reading this...
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When an opportunity presents itself, I refuse to allow that to pass me by. I will always respond in a way to productively use my time especially if I see potential growth and improvement. I...
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To Be Of Use

I am not a plate that you keep in your hutch on display unused, looking pretty, and collecting dust… I long to be that bowl that is used, the one filled with cracks from having a filled life, and the one that is needed. I am made to be used, so please, use my time. It’s the greatest gift that I can give you because it’s the most valuable thing I have.

#4: Drove a Dodge Challenger

When I arrived at the Airport, I knew I had to take the train to the Rental Car Station, Budget. I got on the train... Read More "#4: Drove a Dodge Challenger"

#3: The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge has been a site worth waiting for. I stopped at Bakers Beach right before my flight, it was amazing. After my... Read More "#3: The Golden Gate Bridge"


My obituary will start something like this, “Teelah was ridiculous…” My name is Teelah Hall (Churchill), I graduated from Northern Vermont University (Lyndon State) with a B.A. in Graphic Design, a B.A. Digital Media, and an Associate’s degree in Visual Arts. With determination, focus, and tenacity, I graduated with a five-year degree in three and half years. In 2018, I obtained my MBA at Cameron University. I am a director at a company I believe in, and I use my skills to help others grow. I sit on several boards, I am clerk on Cambridge Economic Development Advisory Committee, I am Vice President of the Crescendo Club, and I am an executive member, governing board member alternate, and on the Market Committee of Lamoille Fibernet Communications District Union. I volunteer my time to my community when I can. I am a constant and never-ending learner even with two children under three, I am still always looking for ways to improve myself. From learning to be a leader, to learning to be part of local politics, to learning to be a mom. My life is focused on three things: Independence, Inspiration, and Improvement.

I have lived purposefully every day. I built a life that I am proud of. I hope I can say that every day, I did my best. And I hope someone follows my journey and is inspired to do the same. With your support and acceptance, I will do remarkable things. I hope you will join my adventure in the pursuit of happiness: to always have the independent freedom to follow my own path, to never stop learning while improving myself every day.

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